# Database and Ontop Setup

In this tutorial, we are considering fragments of the information systems of two universities describing students, academic staff and courses.

# Database setup

Procedure to set up the datebase for the following exercises:

  1. Unzip the archive of H2 (h2.zip)
  2. Start the database:
    • On Mac/Linux: open a terminal, go into h2/bin and run sh h2.sh
    • On Windows: click on the executable h2w.bat
  3. After being automatically redirect to the web interface of H2, connect with the default parameters:
    • JDBC URL: jdbc:h2:tcp://localhost/../university-session1
    • User name: sa
    • No password
  4. Now you can see the tables in the schema uni1.
  5. Try a first SQL query: "Give me the last names of the full professors"
SELECT "last_name"
FROM "uni1"."academic"
WHERE "position" = 1

# Ontop-Protégé setup

Protégé is an open source ontology editor and knowledge management system. Ontop-Protégé is a plugin for designing and testing a VKG specification.

  1. Download the latest Ontop-Protégé bundle for your Operating System (opens new window) and unzip the archive and go into its folder
  2. Run it (run.bat on Windows, run.sh on Mac/Linux)
  3. Register the H2 JDBC driver: go to Preferences -> JDBC Drivers and add an entry with the following information
    • Description: h2
    • Class Name: org.h2.Driver
    • Driver file (jar): /path/to/h2/bin/h2-1.4.196.jar

# Programme

  1. Mapping the first data source
  2. Mapping the second data source