# People

Ontop has been initiated by the eponymous research group at the Free University of Bozen-Bolzano which is still highly involved into the development of the project and into the research around it. Over the years, new members from diverse horizons have joined the project, forming a vibrant international community.

Here we list the people who has been involved in the development of the Ontop project. For the research side, see the dedicated page.

# Active Core Team Members

The development of Ontop is guided by an international team (reverse lexicographical order).

# Core Team Emeriti

Here we honor some no-longer-active core team members who have made important contributions in the past.

# Contributors

Some members of the Ontop community have so enriched it, that they deserve special mention.

  • Lukas Sundqvist
  • Mindaugas Slusnys
  • Damian Rovara
  • Sergey Pugacs
  • Tomas Kovachev
  • Dag Hovland
  • Manfred Gerstgrasser
  • Uğur Dönmez
  • Timea Bagosi