# Pull request

Contributions to the project are welcome and encouraged. You can propose some Pull Requests (PR) on Github. By making a PR on the Github platform, you declare to agree with the standard "inbound = outbound" licensing practice, as foreseen by the Github terms (opens new window). There is no need anymore for regular contributors to sign a CLA.

If you are thinking about implementing a new feature, feel free to engage a discussion with the team through the mailing list or through another medium.

# Contribution License Agreement (for core developers)

Core developers should sign a Contribution License Agreement (CLA) that allows FUB and the Ontop team to redistribute their work under the terms of the Apache 2.0 license. If the contributor works for an institution that owns the work being contributed by the contributor, then a corporate CLA must be additionally signed. The CLAs are available for download below, once signed please email a scanned copy of them.