# Documentation

The source code of the documentation is on Github (opens new window) and is powered by VuePress (opens new window).

Once a commit is pushed to the Github repository, this public documentation is automatically rebuilt by Travis CI.

# Small improvements

Have you found a typo, a broken URL or another small problem? Please propose a fix immediately (before forgetting it), by clicking on the link Edit this page at the bottom of the page.

# Testing the documentation locally

For a more involved work on the documentation, we recommend you to test your changes on your local machine before pushing them to Github.

git clone git@github.com:ontop/ontop-website.git
cd ontop-website
# Install the dependencies (e.g. vuepress)
yarn install
# start the local server
yarn docs:dev
# commit your changes and push them back to Github

VuePress (opens new window) requires Node.js >= 8.6.