# Debug Protégé

This page describe how to debug the Protégé Plugin of Ontop from IntelliJ.

If you just want to test the plugin (without debugging), you only need to follow the step of building the Protégé plugin, and then run Protégé as usual:

$ build/distribution/ontop-protege/Protege-[protege-version]/run.sh

# Build the Protégé plugin

# Requirements

  1. Make sure that the JAVA_HOME environment variable is set. For Mac:
$ vim .bash_profile 
Add this line:  export JAVA_HOME=$(/usr/libexec/java_home)
$ source .bash_profile
  1. Unzip the Protege distribution:
$ cd build/distribution/ontop-protege
$ unzip Protege-[protege-version]-platform-independent.zip

See here in case the folder build/distribution is empty.

# Procedure

Each time you modify the code, you need to recompile and build the Ontop distribution as follows.

Suggested procedure:

$ cd client/protege
$ ./build-plugin.sh

Alternative procedure:

  1. Fom Ontop's root directory, compile and build Ontop bundles:
$ mvn clean install -DskipTests
  1. Compile the Ontop Protégé plugin jar file:
$ cd client/protege
$ mvn bundle:bundle 
  1. Copy the generated plugin into the Protégé plugin directory:
$ cp target/it.unibz.inf.ontop.protege-[ontop-version].jar ../../build/distribution/ontop-protege/Protege-[protege-version]/plugins/

If this is the first time you build the plugin, you may need to create the 'build/distribution/ontop-protege/Protege-[protege-version]/plugins/' directory. Make sure that there is only one Protégé plugin in build/distribution/ontop-protege/Protege-[protege-version]/plugins/.

# Debug in IntelliJ using the Remote debugger

# IntelliJ configuration

  • Create a remote configuration: 'Edit configurations', click '+', then select 'Remote'

  • Host: localhost

  • Port: choose a port number (5005 in what follows)

# Protégé run options

  • Edit the the script build/distribution/ontop-protege/Protege-[protege-version]/run.sh, adding the following JVM option:
  • Note that parameter 'suspend' is set to 'y'

# Run / Debug

  • Execute build/distribution/ontop-protege/Protege-[protege-version]/run.sh

  • From IntelliJ, click on the Debug button (or Shift+F9)

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