# PostgreSQL

Through the PostgreSQL (opens new window) connector, Ontop is able to construct VKGs on external Postgres databases.

# Limitations & Exceptions

  • Accessing JSON object fields with the "arrow operator" is not supported (see below).

# Database Connection

The following shows the content of a sample .properties file that can be used to connect Ontop to PostgreSQL:

jdbc.url = jdbc:postgresql://localhost:5432/database
jdbc.user = admin
jdbc.password = password
jdbc.driver = org.postgresql.Driver

# Nested Type Support

Ontop implements explicit compatibility with the PostgreSQL array type T[]. When used with the flatten lens, it is able to automatically infer the type of the result column.

Furthermore, the flatten lens can also be used with the JSON and JSONB datatypes, which are both recognized by Ontop. For these types, however, Ontop cannot infer the output type of the flattened column.

# Struct Access

In PostgreSQL, individual struct objects can be accessed by SQL expressions using the "dot operator" on the struct column. In Ontop, this feature is not currently supported.

Should any of their elements still be required, then a workaround can be performed by first transforming the struct into a JSON object and then accessing it using JSON functions.


my_struct.my_attribute JSON_EXTRACT_PATH(TO_JSON(my_struct), '$.my_attribute')


The "arrow operators" used to access JSON objects in PostgreSQL are not supported in Ontop. Please use JSON functions instead.