# AWS DynamoDB

Supported (beta) since 5.1.0.

Through the DynamoDB (opens new window) connector, Ontop is able to construct VKGs on AWS DynamoDB tables using the CData JDBC Driver for Amazon DynamoDB (opens new window).

# Limitations & Exceptions


DynamoDB only provides limited information about integrity constraints. Make sure to provide this information in order to avoid very inefficient queries. We recommend using lenses for this purpose.


To run Ontop with the CData DynamoDB JDBC, "enhanced SQL queries" must be enabled. This is achieved by adding supportenhancedsql=true to the connection properties.

  • Nested data structures and the FlattenLens are not supported.

# Database Connection

The following shows the content of a sample .properties file that can be used to connect Ontop to DynamoDB:

jdbc.url = jdbc:amazondynamodb:AuthScheme=AwsRootKeys;AWSRegion=FRANKFURT;supportenhancedsql=true
jdbc.property.AWSAccessKey = public-access-key
jdbc.property.AWSSecretKey = private-access-key
jdbc.driver = cdata.jdbc.amazondynamodb.AmazonDynamoDBDriver

# Nested Type Support

Nested data types and the flatten lens are not supported for DynamoDB.